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September 2021
2022 projections for Canadian Cannabis sales to increase another 10-15% over 2021
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What We Offer ?

A passive investment opportunity into the micro cannabis space

Micro Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Owen Sound
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Product ?

Craft cannabis; organic cannabis which is cultivated by small growers produced at a higher quality strains (optimized environmentally - friendly techniques) difficult to replicate at large scale.

Customers ?

Micro Cannabis Cultivation is a Health Canada 's license able to sell to retail, Pharma and other LP (Licensed Producers)

Fully Managed Economy of Scale Management & Staffing
Our 85,000 SF industrial facility cost will be shared by 8 or 10 Micro Cultivation Units · Each +/- 6,400 SF Unit cost will be shared by 20 table owners · Master Growers, Growers, & other staff expenses are shared by all table owners reducing costs
Health Canada Licensing
· Micro Cultivation License – Grow up to 200 square metres of Cannabis · Micro Processing License – Make Cannabis Products using a maximum of 600 kg of dried Cannabis · We will pay a Cannabis Licensing Solutions Company to complete Health Canada License Applications for buyers

Health Canada Website on Cannabis Application

Can I sell my purchased cannabis business anytime?
· A business is an asset that can be sold and purchased. For example, the Cannabis Micro Cultivation Business can be listed for sales under MLS by a realtor, once operational.